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Название игры:
Год выхода игры:
Жанр игры: Разное

Категория: Интернет и сети
Версия программы: Beta
Язык интерфейса: Русский / Мультиязычный
Платформа: x86 / x64
Разработчик: Adobe Systems
Лекарство: Не требуется (Freeware)

Системные требования:

Adobe Flash Player — плагин, предназначенный для всех популярных браузеров - Internet Explorer, AOL, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape и Opera, с помощью которого можно проигрывать Flash-ролики (файлы SWF), смотреть онлайн-видео и слушать онлайн-аудиофайлы. Только с этой надстройкой браузер способен корректно отображать веб-страницы и интерактивные веб-элементы, разработанные по технологии Flash. Данная технология широко используется для создания рекламных баннеров, анимации, игр, а также воспроизведения на веб-страницах видео- и аудиозаписей.

Adobe Flash Player — это межплатформенная среда выполнения на основе браузера для доставки динамичных приложений, контента и видеоматериалов на различные экраны и браузеры. Среда Flash Player оптимизирована для создания высокоэффективных мобильных приложений и поддерживает оригинальные функциональные возможности устройств, обеспечивая удобство работы пользователей с созданными приложениями.

Fixed Issues
Flash Player
Context3D "driverInfo" property allocates a String on each call (37904
TextBlock.textBlockBeginIndex works incorrectly after TextElement.replaceText wh
en discretionary
hyphens are used. (3791181)
Content of Depth buffer on some gpu with OS windows xp is wrong. (3778417)
Camera capturing video in chrome gets a extreme low rate of FPS. (3768396)
Standalone player crashed after it closed if SWF use Workers. (3765083)
[Mac Safari] Flash Player installer fails to show needtoquit app list with Sys
tem Prefs open +
JP/FR/TW/CN/RU/KO/ptBR/SV/CZ Primary. (3763641)
[Win8.x] Flash Player will now dispatch a rightMouseDown event for a when the us
er longtouches flash
content on a touchenabled device (3648121)
[MSIE] Files with a source URL longer than 2083 characters are now saved as expe
cted. (3772777)
[Chrome] Hardware Video Decoding is now enabled by default on Chrome for Windows
[Chrome] Resolves a number of flash.globalization string failures on Windows 8.1
[Chrome Linux] Resolves a video playback stability issue on 32bit systems (3787
[Safari 8] Menu items in the Flash Player settings UI now receive click events a
s expected (3771417)
Resolves an intermittent issue where seeking around or over an advertisement ins
erted into a video
stream would cause video playback to pause indefinitely (3788893}
Resolves an issue where video would not play back when using a StageVideo object
WMODE=opaque or WMODE=transparent (3782307)
[Performance] Poor performance waiting for the GPU on Windows using Release bina
ries (3687958)
[iOS8] A notification dialog is coming after launching any AIR applications. (37
Stage.restrict AZ property gets applied to the programmatically entered text, o
n entering text via
Keyboard with cursor placed at the end of text (3771860)
StageText displayAsPassword displays text without mask in landscape on Android (
Failing to call Context3D.clear before drawing on every frame no longer throws a
runtime error.
Poor AIR performance while starting app after restarting Windows OS. (3690665)
ADL crashes when Workers attempt to open local shared object. (3768436)
StageVideo with camera doesn't work properly, no video is displayed. (37812
Known Issues
[Flash Player] GSLib API Collator.numericComparison not working on Win. (37546
[Flash Player] [IE11] Problem with navigateToURL. (3707921)
[Flash Player] [Mac Only] Corrupted video in Safari/Firefox with hardware acce
leration. (3771790)
[Flash Player] Big image in small Bitmap object didn't render correctly w
hen stage size is big.
[AIR] [Android L] – Rendering issues with Direct and GPU render mode.
[AIR] [Android] AIR Games icon is present apart from Adobe AIR icon on Android
[AIR] [Cross Promotion] certificate warning is shown on loadAd API. (3789840)
[AIR] [Android] Application crashes on playing mp3 and video files. (3800251)
[AIR] [javascript] Custom cursor failed on the Jscode HTML AIR app, but s
uccess on the AS code AIR
APP. (3792475)
[AIR] Camera returns letterboxed video for webcam. (3780911)
[AIR] Incomplete stack trace is displayed in Debug View. (3780862)
[AIR] [Win] Unable to prevent default when pasting into TextField with AIR 14.
[AIR] AIR Publish Fails when Including Large Files. (3772815)
[AIR] [Win] GPU accelerated video stop playing when screen resolution changes
NetStream.Buffer.Flush event. (3766000)
[AIR] Dispatching Sound Complete. (3764974)


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